About Me

I started my career working as a nursing auxiliary for around 6 years, I worked in mental health, community and general nursing. Whilst working as an auxiliary I went part time so I could train as a Reflexologist in 1998 to 2000 this included many modules from anatomy & physiology, pathology and holistic studies. This led me on a career path to qualify as an ODP (in simpler terms a Theatre Nurse.) For 10 years I assisted surgeons and anaesthetists with the preoperative care (while in theatre) of patients. I specialised in orthopaedic accident and trauma and worked within this area for 10 years at the Leicester Royal Infirmary, QMC Nottingham and finally with Genepool Medical.

Throughout my career I had always kept my interest in reflexology and feel working in surgery has made me a better reflexologist because of the hands on understanding of anatomy and physiology which I have applied to my practice to date. After 12 years of Reflexology I am still fascinated by how the feet really do connect to many areas of the body.

My background in health was scientific and fact based, so it took a bit of time after qualifying as a Reflexologist to realise how much difference a treatment can achieve in improving health and it’s positive effect on peoples wellbeing. Years later I am still astounded by the effects that Reflexology can have on people I have developed my own intuitive technique through evidence based practice (trial and error) and always strive to better myself.

Training Qualifications and Experience

NOCN Professional Reflexology Diploma Level 3 including anatomy and physiology, pathology, holistic living, holistic massage skills, Reflexology in a clinical setting, counseling skills and business studies. Certified September 1999

VTCT Level 3 Full body Massage completed 2015 course included –  history, origins and development of body massage. Methods of preparation. Effects and benefits of massage. Consultation skills, procedure and customer service. Clinic Protocol. Consultation Procedure. Contraindications & Contra-actions. Traditional massage movements and oils. Aftercare/Home care Advice. Professionalism, ethics, referrals and legislation. Principles & Practice of complementary therapies. Business Practice. Intensive Practical Tuition.

Foundation Clinical Massage  Level 5 2016  Jing Institute Brighton. I am at the moment still completing the Certificate In Advanced Clinical Massage that is a part time course over 15 months but the foundation level has massively helped my massage practice in being able to treat pain specifically for headaches, migraines, neck with upper and lower back.

VTCT Level 3 in Clinical Aromatherapy ( Infinity Training )

Operating Department Practitioner Training at the South Trent Training Centre for ODP Leicester Royal Infirmary. Certified 2003

Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology Update  ( FHT approved Diploma September 2014 )

Level 3 Pathology Update  ( FHT approved Diploma August 2015 )


Post Graduate Reflexology and Study Days Completed:

Chinese Foot Massage February 2011 ( Sally Earlam BSc RGN PGCE FMAR )

Indian head Massage July 2012 ( Louise Keet PCGE MAR  London School of Reflexology )

Hot Stones Reflexology September 2013 ( Sally Earlam BSc RGN PGCE FMAR )

Reflexology for Cancer and Palliative Care February 2014 ( Certified by Jubilee College )

Spinal Reflexology 2014 ( Louise Keet PGCE MAR, London School of Reflexology )

Facial Reflexology Part 1 March 2014 ( Ziggie Bergman PGCE MAR, Regents College London )

Pre-conceptual, Pregnancy & Post Natal Reflexology  March 2014 (Louise Keet PGCE MAR)

Facial Reflexology Part 2 October 2014 ( Ziggie Bergman PGCE MAR Regents College London )

Advanced Natural Facelift Massage October 2015 ( Ziggie Bergman Reagents College London )

Muscular Skeletal Reflexology Master class November 2014 ( Three Shires Reflexology )

Appointed first Aid valid 3 years October 2015 ( Ziggie Bergman Regents College London )


Energy Healing Courses:

Shamanic Practitioner Training certified in December 2015 ( Simon Heather from the College of Sound healing)

Usui Reiki Level 1 and 2 1998 Certified by CRMT Ann Hunt

I am a Certified Chios Master Teacher with the Chios Institute and my lineage is as follows;   Steve Barret, Shelly Mayer, Lakhvinder Kaur Pannu, Dori S. McLean, Eva Marquez, Jonathan Sarson

Previously held professional courses:

Moving and Handling Certificate for Trainers 2007
Risk Assessing – Care of Spinal Patient 2006
AO fracture fixation course 2008
Bereavement Training, Infection control and Intermediate Life Support 2006 – 2010

After I qualified in 1999 I was a member of the Guild of Complimentary Practitioners for a number of years. Most recently I became a member of the Association of Reflexologists (AOR) and the Complementary and Natural Health Care Council (CNHC). I use continual professional development to keep my practice up to date. My background in healthcare means I use reflective practice on a day to day basis. This allows me to achieve better results from my treatments, better skills for myself and ultimately allows me to benefit the people that I treat.age and pressure point and find out how stress relieving this can be. It can totally destress you if you have stress. Holistic therapies and holistic therapists or alternativ

These pages are for people who want massage or massage therapy or even clinical massage. Chios, Reiki and Energy healing as well as Chios energy healing are also covered. Foot care and foot pain along with back pain, depression, reflexology and Chinese reflexology is discussed. Infertility, pre-conceptual, pregnancy, post-natal depression is bad.

Baby reflexology is great. ADHD is a tough condition. Jon is known as a clinical reflexologist or massage therapist. He is definitely a Certified Chios Master Teacher who can call himself an advanced facial reflexologist. His skills also include being a meditation tutor, Starseed, soul guidance practitioner and qualified healthcare professional.

He has had lots of experience in complementary therapies and provides a mobile service or a treatment room. Talk to him about spirituality, reflexology, foot mass

e therapists are the future of healthcare.

Hot stones, bamboo sticks and Chinese are all techniques used. Spinal, muscular, cancer and palliative care are all treatment groups. Advanced facial reflexology is given using the Bergman method as is advanced natural face lift and decollate massage.

As well as all this aura and chakra cleansing is done, as is divination, attunement, spiritual development, cosmic guidance and tarot. Regarding Shamanism the disciplines of soul loss, shamanic healing, soul retrieval, soul energy release and power animals are understood and taught. Body massage and back massage as well as swedish full body massage is practiced. Seated upper back massage is available along with Indian head massage.

Most recently myofascial release and trigger points have been taught.