‘M’ Technique

The ‘M’ Technique® is a method of structured touch. Each movement and sequence is done a set number of times, in a set pattern, at a set pressure and set speed that never change. This makes it extremely easy to learn. And, because the technique is completely choreographed it is completely reproducible and therefore useful in research.

The ‘M’ Technique® works on skin receptors that send signals to the brain. The technique has been described as physical hypnotherapy, ‘a kind of meditation’ and a ‘spiritual dance’. The ‘M’ technique® is suitable for the very fragile, critically ill or actively dying patient, or when someone is just very stressed or when the giver is not trained in massage. The ‘M’® is effective on skin or through thin clothing.

These sessions are suited to cancer patients, the elderly or if you have multiple health problems and want some deep relaxation but don’t want a deep massage. Most of the people I know call this the mindful massage but more often people say its like a meditation massage. Its really is a wonderful treatment to experience and the technique can be used on anyone as there are no contraindications to this technique.

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