Back massage

The Swedish back, neck and shoulders massage that I offer is the manipulation of muscles using a variety of different techniques. The beauty about this massage is that it is not too light and not too firm, the pressure is enough to help release the build up of stress and muscular aches, tension and pains often associated with stressed muscles, repetitive strain and poor posture. I was trained to deliver a back massage technique that took parts of deep tissue, beauty and a little sports massage resulting in either a stimulating, relaxing and gentle massage or for helping deep seated tension that can often be a build up of years of not looking after yourself. This is ultimately a relaxing technique that can be adjusted to what you need. Massage dates thousands of years and is known to benefit the aching body through a hands on approach that I perform with care, diligence and with dignity.

How does it work?

Due to the tension carried in the muscles from exertion or exercise, lactic acid forms creating tired and sore muscles. They cannot ease without the aid of new oxygenated blood flushing them out via the lymphatic system. Tendons and muscle fibres within the body need to be stretched to release pain and toxins. Swedish back massage warms the areas of the body with slow stroking movements before going in deeper to break down the knots and working trigger points that are causing you problems.

Benefits of Swedish back massage include:

1) Increases blood circulation bringing more oxygen and nutrients into the muscles
2) Increases lymphatic drainage removing toxins form the body
3) Increased sebum production helping to improve the skins suppleness and resistance to infections
4) Warms muscles and helps release lactic acid
5) Aids mobility as muscles are stretched
6) Reduces stress and anxiety