Clinical Massage for treating pain

Advanced Clinical Massage

Advanced Clinical Massage is a creative combination of multiple techniques that have been formulated to treat and target chronic pain. The techniques that are combined in the treatment are Trigger point therapy, Myofascial release, Powerful deep forearm massage, Amma Fusion Massage and  Sports stretching. I have completed the Foundation in Advanced Clinical Massage and have already had a wealth of success treating upper back, lower back, neck, headache and migraine problems. This form of massage is a step above most massage qualifications. It is not a relaxation massage instead it’s a technique that helps to get you out of pain and aims to keep you out of pain. You will usually need to attend  4 to 6 sessions to gain a benefit.

I have completed my Foundation in Advanced Clinical Massage Techniques, Living Anatomy, Lower Back Pain, Neck & Upper Shoulder Pain and Shoulder Girdle Pain.

Do you suffer from the following, then get in touch ?
Sciatica, Acute Locked Back and Piriformis Syndrome. Chronic Neck Pain, Whiplash, Torticollis,  Sacro-iliac Joint Dysfunction, Groin Strain, Jaw Pain, Bruxism, Bell’s Palsy and much more

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