Massage Colwyn Bay

Massage Colwyn Bay

Massage Colwyn Bay: Please use the above tabs for more information about the different types of massage I can offer you or contact me for more information.

I provide Massage Colwyn Bay. This can either be in my treatment room in GlaMassage Colwyn Baydys Grove or I can provide a mobile service to your house. I offer a wide range of appointment times to suit your life and needs.

The Massage Colwyn Bay can take many forms, I offer back massage and Swedish full body massage.  I can provide seated upper body massage, this is useful if you do not wish to remove your clothes (although full screening and towels are provided). I also provide Indian head massage and Decollate (facial) massage. I can combine different forms of massage and other treatments according to your exact needs.

My initial massage training was at the Infinity Training Academy in Derbyshire. I then took more advanced courses in Brighton with the Jing Institute. Before commencing my massage course I used to think that massage was just a temporary fix on long term health problems. I was absolutely blown away by the exact degree of precision that massage therapists can use, and the quick way in which some problems can be resolved. Part of the issue for many people is that their pain presents some distance away from the actual muscular cause, knowledge of the muscles allows therapists to refer back and work on the relevant trigger points to release lactic acid and knots in muscles.

If you wish to reward yourself with a luxurious massage then this treatment will do that for you. But it can also do so much more. If you have had long term muscular pain then massage therapy may help you in diagnosing exactly what is wrong and help you to remove the pain. This will allow you to exercise and strengthen your muscles. Massage can also help reduce stress and mental anxiety which also lead to a deterioration in physical health.

If you want more information about any of the types of massage therapies or other treatments I offer then look through my website. Otherwise contact me using the form and I will be in touch soon.