Massage Llanrwst

Massage Llanrwst

Massage Llanrwst: Please use the above tabs for more information about the different types of massage I can offer you or contact me for more information.

Massage Llanrwst

I can offer many different types of massage. Swedish full body massage is a therapeutic style, it reduces muscle tension and is good for reducing stress. It involves lots of sweeping moves across areas of the body, firmer pressure is then applied to these areas. If there are any problem areas such as muscles with knots in or pain then I will spend more time working on them. Finally I will gently stimulate the skin by a series of brush strokes. Many people fall asleep during Swedish massage as it is deeply relaxing.

Seated upper body massage can be useful for ladies and gentlemen who do not wish to remove their clothing. It is done in a chair, doesn’t involve any oils and can be done through the clothes. It focuses more on the neck and shoulders. It is a much quicker treatment than the Swedish version.

Indian head massage does involve oils. It has a lot of scalp work. This may sound painful but it is actually very invigorating. It also involves work on the face, shoulders and neck.

Finally decollete massage is primarily concerned with the neck and shoulder areas. Its great for removing stress and tension. The muscles here get very tense due to poor posture, office work and the stress of modern living.

I am currently training to level 6 standard (correct as of March 2016) with the Jing Institute. I am currently qualified to Level 3 in massage therapy. As I attain the new standard I will be able to treat specific muscular skeletal health problems by referring pain from the area where they are felt back to their point of origin in the muscle. Working this area can then relax the muscle and releasing the tension and pain felt.

I am still providing online healing like reiki, shamanics and Chios healing over Skype, messenger, WhatsApp or FaceTime. I am also taking on Chios students as this can be done remotely over the above formats.

Until further notice all other treatment have been stopped until further notice to stop the spread of the virus.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)