Price list for therapies offered in my treatment room in Old Colwyn. Mobile treatments will cost more to cover the cost of petrol and time.  I will travel from Bangor to Chester. Contact me for more information.
Therapy               Length of Treatment Price of session Locations of session
Clinical Reflexology (free consultation ) 1st treatment 1.5 hours, Subsequent treatments 60 minutes £32.00 Mobile or treatment room
Clinical Reflexology with Reiki Healing 75 minute treatment £40.00 Mobile or Treatment room
Hot Stones Reflexology 1 hour 20 mins using pharmaceutical grade organic beeswax £45.00  Mobile or Treatment room
Spinal & Muscular Skeletal Reflexology 45 min treatment £32.00  Mobile or Treatment room
Fertility / Pregnancy reflexology See below  Mobile or Treatment room
Cancer & Palliative reflexology, Oncology massage or aromatherapy. 45 minute session with an Oncology NHS therapist £30.00  Mobile or Treatment room
Advanced Facial Reflexology 45 minute treatment using Organic Rose or Frankincese essential oil. £40.00  Mobile or Treatment room
Advanced Natural Face-lift Massage 1 hour treatment using Essential oils, massage techniques, hot towels. acupressure face and jade rollers and crystal spheres. £40.00 Mobile or Treatment room
Decollate Facial Massage 45 minute shoulder, neck, face and scalp massage using organic frankincense or rose oil. £30.00 Mobile or Treatment room
Massage  Deep tissue,  Clinical, Swedish or  aroma massage.
30 min Massage Individually tailored to suit your needs. Massage can include upper and lower back, neck, head, shoulders, arms, hands, face, abdomen legs and feet. A choice of natural and organic products from Naturally thinking, Song Bird and Purple Flame. £22.00 Mobile or Treatment room
60 min Massage Individually tailored to suit your needs with more time to work on muscle groups that you require working upon. Massage can include upper and lower back, neck, head, shoulders, arms, hands, face, abdomen legs and feet. A choice of organic products from Neal’s Yard, Song Bird and Purple Flame. £40.00 Mobile or Treatment room
90 min Full Body Massage This massage includes substantial work on all areas of the body. Individually tailored to suit your needs. Massage includes upper and lower back, neck, head, shoulders, arms, hands, face, abdomen legs and feet. A choice of organic products from Neal’s Yard, Song Bird and Purple Flame. £60.00 Mobile or Treatment room
Chinese Foot Massage 1.5 hour treatment including hot stones and aromatherapy. £40.00 Mobile or Treatment room
Traditional or Western Indian Head Massage 45 minute treatment £ £32.00 Mobile or Treatment room
Chios and Reiki Healing
Reiki sessions and Chios treatments  Typical session 55 minutes £32.00 Mobile or Treatment room
Shamanic Healing
Full Shamanic Healing inc; Soul retrieval, soul energy release and cord cutting, meditation to find your power animal, intrusion removal, chakra balancing and a native american ritual with the medicine wheel. Sessions vary from 2.5 to 4 hours dependent on what is needed. £125.00

or £45 for a soul retrieval or a cord cutting session

Mobile or Treatment room
 Mobile Treatments

Mobile Treatments cost an additional £10 if you live within 25 miles of Colwyn Bay.  If you live more than 10 miles away then just add £5 per ten miles of travel. If you wish to discuss pricing for block bookings then please get in touch via my CONTACT FORM.

Pre-conceptual, Pregnancy or Post-natal Reflexology

This treatment is very individual, if you are going through IVF then 4 to 6 treatments are enough to aid with your journey. If you are seeking to conceive naturally then 12 treatments of reflexology are what most people tend to have to help overcome fertility issues. The first treatment takes around 1 hour but the whole session takes about 3 hours. This is due to the amount of information I will go through with you to help maximise your chances of having a baby.

Therapy Length of treatment Extra Information Price
Initial Fertility Reflexology


3 hour visit includes consultation and a 2 hour talk that will provide you with information, advice and possible environmental factors that could be causing your fertility issues. The 3rd hour will be your 1 hour reflexology treatment. Please provide me with all relevant information from all aspects of your journey so far with your fertility issues. This first session costs £60   £55 £60.00
Subsequent Fertility Reflexology This second visit and all other visits will be a continuation of 45 to 1 hour reflexology treatments along with holistic advice that you will need to implement over the coming 3 months of the service. Lower the price even more by booking 6 sessions for £140.00. £30.00
Pregnancy Reflexology 45 mins to 1 hour depending on your circumstances. I have successfully treated sciatica, emotional disturbances, increased energy levels and aided with back pain and can hopefully help you too. Labor reflexology can be provided if you are overdue, at the same price as Pregnancy Reflexology. £30.00
Post-natal Reflexology 45 minute to 1 hour treatment depending on circumstances. This is a wonderful time to re-balance your endocrine system and get your emotions back on track. You deserve some well earned you time, allow your body to self heal from within. This reflexology seems to be most effective with a course of 6 treatments to gain the most benefit. £150.00

Concessions :

Concessions available for the over 60’s, disabled and palliative care patients, please get in touch about individual prices. These concessionary deals will be mobile to your home or at my treatment room in Colwyn Bay. Reflexology and massage therapy should be experienced, they have helped many people all over the world to achieve a better state of health and well-being.

If you are on a low income but feel you are in desperate need of spiritual or emotional healing please get in touch, I can’t promise that I will treat you, but I might be able to offer you some guidance.

Block booking offers: ( Includes free consultation )

Book 5 sessions and get a 6th free (For reflexology and massage treatments only)

Many of the long term health benefits of reflexology begin to manifest after 4 to 8 treatments. Book your course of treatments in advance to take advantage of this great offer.

Insurance cover :

Some insurance policies cover the cost of reflexology treatments for certain health complaints. If you have a healthcare plan, then please check your plan as it may cover part or all of the cost of a treatment.

Companies that I have used if you are using insurance:
  • BUPA Additional Cash Plan
  • Health Shield
  • Westfield Health
  • Simplyhealth
  • Sovereign