Reflexology Conwy

Reflexology Conwy

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Reflexology Conwy


I started doing reflexology back in 2001. I studied at Coventry College. My course consisted of anatomy and physiology. It also had pathology and business studies. I got good reviews from everyone I did my case studies on. Once I qualified I wasn’t confident enough to set up a business by myself. Instead I went to work in the NHS. Not as a complementary therapist but as an Theatre Nurse. In my spare time I used my reflexology on my family and friends. I always had glowing reviews and was good at foot reading. This means working out what health problems people have from the way their feet feel. The Association of Reflexologists no longer allow therapists to foot read. This is incase we misdiagnose.

Eventually I got fed up with the way that the NHS treats patients. It is like a production line. People are wheeled in, people are wheeled out. Then 3 months later I would often see the same people wheeled in again. This is partly because the NHS doesn’t treat people holistically. The root cause of their problems are never identified. The symptoms are patched up but because the cause is never treated they just come back again.

Because I was good at reflexology the time was right to start my business. I called it Sole Solutions Reflexology. I spent the next few years undertaking courses and studying. I studied Chinese reflexology and Spinal reflexology. I did pregnancy and fertility. I did hot stones reflexology. After these I learnt many other treatments such as massage, shamanism, energy healing and facial reflexology. These have all made me a well rounded therapist. Able to provide help for most of the issues people suffer with.


I am still providing online healing like reiki, shamanics and Chios healing over Skype, messenger, WhatsApp or FaceTime. I am also taking on Chios students as this can be done remotely over the above formats.

Until further notice all other treatment have been stopped until further notice to stop the spread of the virus.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)