Reflexology Rhyl

Reflexology Rhyl

Reflexology Rhyl: Please use the above tabs for more information about Reflexology Rhyl and the different types of massage I can offer you or contact me for more information.

Reflexology Rhyl

If you are looking for reflexology please look at my webpage and my facebook reviews. I have been trained to a very high standard. This has led to me getting consistently great feedback from nearly all of my clients.

I originally trained as a clinical reflexologist. This meant that I was trained to diagnose and provide treatment of physical and mental ailments. However time has moved on, my

governing body no longer allows diagnosis. Instead I will have a detailed consultation with you to find out your health concerns. I will also check that it is safe to give you reflexology. Then, if appropriate, I will provide you with a treatment. This may be to give you a relaxing experience or to provide some physical or mental benefit.For many health problems you may need a series of regular treatments. You will never be asked to pay in advance and you wont be forced to sign up to anything. As with a

ll healthcare you have total freedom of choice.

Since my initial training I have undertaken many advanced courses. I have trained in Hot Stones Reflexology and Chinese Massage. I can provide Pre-conceptual and pregnancy and Spinal & Muscular work. Plus I can provide Cancer and palliative care. Many of these courses were taught by Sally Earlam – a well respected fellow of the Association of Reflexologist’s. She went to study i

n China to bring back the proper techniques for Chinese foot massage. Louise Keet who is the principal of the acclaimed London School of Reflexology also taught some of the other courses.

I have been practicing reflexology for 16 years now. Since I started I have been given positive feedback from most of my clients. Most notice real positive benefits to their health and well-being. If you are not sure if you will like your feet being touched, be confident, I have been able to transform most worriers into passionate believers of this technique. I am able to adjust the pressure I use so you wont feel tickled. There are times when reflexology causes discomfort, generally when I am br


g down crystalline deposits in your feet, but if it becomes painful I will stop. I always adjust my pressure according to your feedback so don’t worry!

If you suffer from long term health problems whether physical or mental have a look at my website and feel free to contact me by phone or e-mail and I can give you any information you need to decide whether this therapy is right for you.