Seated upper back massage

This seated upper back massage is a 30 minute treatment that incorporates firm but relaxing techniques to melt away all that tension and reduce muscular aches and stress within the muscle. A short seated massage session is rejuvenating and deeply relaxing. A seated massage can provide some “you” time for those busy individuals who don’t have time for a 1 hour session on a massage couch. It can provide a break in your daily routine that can help reset the perception of ones life with all the bombardment of the society that we live in, helping you cope better with the physical, emotional and mental challenges of the day.

Unless you request otherwise the seated massage usually begins with the shoulders. This is a common area of tension for those who sit at a computer all day according to the Office of Health Education. The shoulders can also become tense and sore due to poor posture. The massage then moves on to cover upper back, neck and head. It differs from an Indian head massage as it provides more focus on the upper back and shoulders rather than the head.

Ultimately my back massage incorporates Swedish techniques that can be performed for relaxation, muscular tension or for a more stimulating uplifting massage. This can also incorporate scalp massage, trigger points or energy healing and visualisation based breathing exercises to transport you into a deep state of complete relaxation that will facilitate you to de-stress and return to your activities knowing that you have been given a professional adaptable massage which matches your needs that you detailed in your free consultation.