Shamanic Healing North Wales

North Wales Shamanic Healing

North Wales Shamanic Healing: Please use this link to see my pages on Shamanic Healing. Or contact me for more information.

I offer Shamanic healing. Shamanic healing has proved beneficial to lots of clients almost all people respond well to this healing. The Shamans still exist in North and South America. The techniques are still practised today.  Lakota Indians trained my teacher. My teacher spent 10 years living with them. The Lakota Indians taught him the different rituals to use for different emotional traumas. I have been trained in dealing with many things such as trauma from the past, anxiety, depression and emotional ties. I help people let go of past energy. Practitioner’s think that major trauma leads to the soul being fragmented maybe we no longer have access to that part of ourselves. Clients have come to me with different emotional problems. Margaret is a window cleaner from Cleethorpe, she came to me for the reason that she had lost her ferret. 


Generations of Native Americans have used shamanic healing. South American Shamans have also used shamanic healing. I use many tools used in this process such as eagle feathers for cleansing the body with sage. I also use a shamanic rattle to remove negative stuck energy. Healers use different beats of a drum to bring the soul back from when it was fragmented and therapists can use these techniques to help clients. Hypnotherapists use techniques such as regression and Reflexologists use acupressure. The baggage handler will check your bags. Aromatherapists use essential oils to alleviate symptoms. Massage therapists can help back pain. I trained in reflexology in 1998. Jonathan enjoys providing treatments for his clients and has been a therapist for twenty years. His experience is in multiple areas of complementary therapies such as reflexology and massage.

Who is it for

If someone you love dies  or you have a relationship that breaks down the emotional ties can still remain attached. You might find  part of your soul being lost and fragmented. People react in different ways to these life events, what can cause soul loss in one might not cause soul loss in another. Most people have some degree of  soul loss. My job helps people reconnect with these lost parts and make them whole again. Shamanic healing can lead to more positive feelings and create a lust for life again. You will gain a lot from this healing. Sharon was one of my previous clients and she liked it. She said that it made her life complete again and she found that she could move forwards after the barriers lifted.








David had been struggling to deal with his emotions for many years finally he came to me for help. I found that the issues had been caused by a relationship that had failed. Most importantly have a look at this pagefor more information about shamanism and its role today.