Is Shamanic healing for you ?

Shamanic Healing includes removing intrusions, soul energy release, power animal retrieval and soul retrieval.

If you ever feel that a situation or trauma has effected you and you have said to yourself ” I don’t feel the same anymore ” or ” I feel different since that happened ” Then you are probably experiencing some degree of soul loss.

This healing can take you on a journey that can be subtle whilst profound. The healing does not stop after the session has happened. People experience parts of themselves that have returned and unified back in to their soul. It can change your life or shift you in to healing from within on multiple levels. Some people just need 1 session whereas others may need 2 or 3 but this depends on every individual. If you’re interested and want to find out more then please use the contacts form.

I am still providing online healing like reiki, shamanics and Chios healing over Skype, messenger, WhatsApp or FaceTime. I am also taking on Chios students as this can be done remotely over the above formats.

Until further notice all other treatment have been stopped until further notice to stop the spread of the virus.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)