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The following testimonials are older but still show the benefits my clients have received from my treatments.

I always enjoy a treatment from Jonathan, he has helped my stress levels reduce and have used his skills over the years whenever I have needed him. I have also seen him regular for pain, which reflexology has definitely had an effect on

Miss R. Thompson ( Leicester ) 2013

My stress levels at work and home have significantly reduced, I am very glad I had these affordable sessions with Jonathan

Heidi ( Croft ) 2013

I feel so relaxed and love the pressure he uses with his treatment, I enjoy this treatment as a treat, it boosts my energy levels, I feel more balanced out and most of the time it makes me fall asleep it is that nice

Mr Davidson ( Aylestone ) 2013

I used to live in Singapore and have been through four reflexologists until I found you. You remind me of how they do their traditional treatments back home, its the firm relieving pressure that I like.

Mrs Narkis ( Leicester ) 2013

I feel so much better after having multiple sessions with Jonathan, I am able to cope with my PTSD much better alongside the intervention I am having with my doctor. It seems to have balanced my moods helping me to live with the changes than this condition throws at me.

Mrs L ( Lutterworth ) 2013

I have suffered headaches most of my life and decided that enough was enough with taking tablets from my doctors. I had 4 weekly sessions with now having a session fortnightly, and I am doing really well. My headaches have not gone away but I am having them less frequent, when I do have them the sharpness has been removed from the pain. I feel I am less stressed in life and Jonathan gave me much advice on how to manage the clusters of headaches I was feeling. Very happy with the service he provides and will continue to use his skills, very impressed

Kelly ( Lutterworth ) 2013

I was suffering stress, anger and issues from the past that were effecting my life and my relationship. Jonathan has helped me to centre myself, reduced stress and this has helped me to calm down with my anger issues I have inside. Being a man I was reluctant in having Reflexology but to be honest it has really changed my life personally. Not only the reflexology, but the advice Jonathan gave me has been invaluable and will continue to sing his praise. I am now on a treatment every 3 weeks and still reaping the benefits of reflexology. I do still have some issues and not saying its have mended all of my troubles, but it has significantly improved my life in a way that I would not have thought possible.

Mr M ( Lutterworth ) 2013

I come to Jonathan once every few months for just a pampering treatment, I often like the hot stones treatment and find Jonathan relaxes me and takes away the stresses and tensions in life. I personally feel the effects from reflexology last a conciderable time for myself and will continue to use his service.

Mrs N Davies ( Leicester ) 2013

I suffer undiagnosed aches and pains throughout my body, the doctors can't seem to find what is wrong with me and I came to Jonathan at the end of my tether. I have had up to 12 treatments now and only see him once a month. The treatment has helped me to cope better, I still have problems but they are not as bad as they were previously. I have my days when things feel worse and feel a huge lack in energy, but I honestly feel the Reflexology has helped me to cope better, its not a cure by a long shot and to be honest I was sceptical at first. I can definietely see a change in some of my symptoms and that to me try to get on with my life

Mrs R ( Leicestershire ) 2013

I never knew that being touched on the bottom of the feet could be so relaxing, It astounds me how much stress I had in my body. I have multiple problems that Jonathan is trying to help me with, and still continuing treatments because I feel I am gaining a lot of benefits from the Reflexology. It is almost like I was out of balance and now I am a more balanced individual. I really am so much better now at coping with stress, I am calmer, more at one with my self and sleeping better.

Mrs Scott ( Leicester ) 2014